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        專八高頻短語 5
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        201. (be) distinct from ( = be different from) 與…截然不同
        202. distinguish between (=make or recognize differences) 辨別
        203. distinguish…from 把…與…區別開
        204. do away with(=get rid of;abolish;discard eliminate) 除去,廢除,取消;do away with (=kill) 殺掉, 鎮壓
        205. have…to do with 與…有關系
        206. without doubt (=undoubtedly)無可置疑地
        207. in doubt(=in a condition of uncertainty)對…表示疑惑
        208. be due to 是由于
        209. come off duty 下班
        210. go on duty 上班
        211. be on duty 值班, 值日, 在上班時
        212. be in duty bound to (do) (=be required by one's job or esp. by conscience) 有義務(做)
        213. be eager for 想得到, 盼望
        214. by ear (=play music from memory without having seen it printed) 憑記憶,不看樂譜
        215. have an ear for (=have keen recognition of sounds esp. in music and language)對..有鑒賞力
        216. a word in one's ear 私房話, 秘密話
        217. on earth 究竟, 到底, 全然
        218. with ease ( = easily) 容易, 不費力
        219. at (one's) ease ( = without worry or nervousness) 自在,不拘束
        220. put sb. at his/her ease (=free sb. from worry or nervousness)使某人感到無拘束
        221. economize1 on (=save sth. instead of being wasteful2) 節省
        222. have an effect on 對…有影響
        223. be in effect (=be in operation) 有效
        224. go into effect 生效 ( 近 come into effect;take effect;be brought into effect)
        225. in effect (=in fact, really) 實際上
        226. give effect to (=carry out) 實行,使…生效
        227. to no effect 不起作用,沒有取得任何效果
        228. (be) of no effect (=useless) 無效
        229. to the effect that 大意是…,主要內容是…
        230. to that effect 是那個意思的…
        231. emerge from ( =appear, become known ) 出現, 暴露(問題. 意見等)
        232. place(or put, lay) an emphasis on 強調, 把重點放在…上
        233. encourage sb. in 鼓勵;encourage sb. in hisher work 鼓勵某人工作;encourage sb. in hisher idleness 慫恿某人游手好閑
        234. encourage sb. in …with sth. 用…鼓勵某人做某事
        235. on end (=continuously) 連續地
        236. (be) at an end (=finished) 結束了


        1 economize Sr3xZ     
        • We're going to have to economize from now on. 從現在開始,我們不得不節約開支。
        • We have to economize on water during the dry season. 我們在旱季不得不節約用水。
        2 wasteful ogdwu     
        • It is a shame to be so wasteful.這樣浪費太可惜了。
        • Duties have been reassigned to avoid wasteful duplication of work.為避免重復勞動浪費資源,任務已經重新分派。
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